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Yin Workshop

  • Yoga Hook 22 Station Road Gerrards Cross, England, SL9 8EL United Kingdom (map)

The word ‘Yin’ translates as passive, dull, slow and restful. It co-exists with ‘Yang’, which translates into vibrant, alert and moving.

We spend a lot of our time in an active,‘yang’ state, leading fast-paced, demanding and sometimes stressful lives. Sometimes, we become so busy and used to tension that we don’t realise we have it anymore. 

Yin yoga works on releasing deep tension held in our tissues through compression and release. This practice is comprised of floor-based postures that are held for several minutes to slowly and gently open our tight and soft spots. I believe Yin is the most effective ways to improve mobility and flexibility in our bodies and with studies now showing that our experiences and emotions are being archived in our tissues, we may also be improving our general wellbeing.

Yin is derived from Chinese Medicine, which looks to balance not only our physical body but also our energetic, emotional and intellectual body as a whole. Each position stimulates specific energy pathways, which, when blocked can cause different aliments represented in our form. Each energy channel is linked to an organ in the body and has it’s own route. For example, the Kidney energy channel is linked to the Kidney organ and is stimulated when we apply stress to the inner thighs. When the Kidney energy is blocked we can suffer from lower back pain, feel fear, depression or dehydration. When we stimulate this energy we are 

 This practice invites you to self-reflect and release, to find equanimity in the everyday instead of being on the roller coaster of fluctuating thoughts and physical stresses.

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to improve flexibility, find space in their daily life or interested in the energetic and physical forms.

All levels and abilities welcome.

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