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 Yoga teacher in central London


Why practice yoga?


Reduce stress

Studies show that yoga Yoga can activate the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS); reducing stress and inviting in relaxation. When we activate this part of the nervous system many positive changes occur our mental and physical bodies including lower blood pressure and reduced stress hormones.


Improve range of movement

Yoga increases range of movement in our muscles, tissues and joints, which allows us to move with ease and maintain energy flow throughout the body. As we stretch we lubricate stiff areas and release areas of high tension. Ease and energy balance are a part of wellbeing and happiness.


Injury prevention for ATHLETES

Yoga allows us to become aware of muscle imbalances in the body because of it’s symmetrical structure. In realising our imbalances we can build strength and flexibility to restore balance and symmetry to avoid muscles being overused or strained. Yoga incorporates movement across many planes in the body, thus using a variety of muscles groups and chains. This overall approach can help athletes who used some muscles groups more than others.


Dynamic classes such as Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga can increase muscle strength and tone. When moving in a rhythmic and repetitive way our muscles are being exercised and our heart rate increased.