The beginning of the journey inward and outward in a nurturing and informative environment. This class will introduce you to the main principles of yoga; breathing, basic postures, alignment and meditation. Over time you will learn to strengthen the body, increase flexibility and breathe deeply; setting out on the path of discovering tranquility and focus.

Ability: Beginners




Jivamukti translates into 'liberation while living', feeling liberated, whole. The Jivamukti method is designed to achieve combining a strong vinyasa practice, intellectual stimulation and spiritual teachings.

Combining seamless sequencing, spiritual teachings and posture development, this classes are truly special. Based on principles of Ahimsa (non-violence), Bhakti (devotion), Dhyana (meditation), Nada (sound), Shastra (scriptures), they will help you find ‘liberation while living’ (the transliteration of jivanmuktih).

This class incorporates sun salutations, balancing, optional arm balances and optional inversion practice.

Ability: I recommend that you have some basic practice of yoga before attending this class.



beginners Yin flow

A practice designed for beginners and Yin yogis! This class balances the Yin and the Yang by combining standing positions to build strength and develop alignment with long and held, yet passive seated positions to increase flexibility. The perfect combination of movement and release.

We will explore how yoga can increase general wellbeing, how relaxation affects our body, the removal of energy blockages inside the body, how stretching works and how we can balance our yin and yang using yoga.

This is your time to learn and relax.

Ability: Beginners and Yin yogis



Dynamic HATHA

A dynamic class comprised of static positions exploring the range of movement in the body. Be prepared for balances, backbends, forwards and twists.

Positions (asanas) are designed to promote strength, balance and flexibility in the physical body, mobilising the spine and improving circulation through organs, glands and tissues. Using the breath to move into each posture focusses the mind, encourages energy to flow more freely around the body and brings a sense of space and clarity to your practice. Time to cleanse the body and mind and find some inner stillness!

As well as postures (asanas), this class includes breathing techniques and mindful meditation to create a wonderful sense of unity and wellbeing in the body and mind. An opportunity to explore some of the ancient philosophies of yoga, we'll consider how these might resonate with our modern lifestyles.  

For intermediate and advanced practitioners. I recommend that you have some basic knowledge and practice of yoga before attending this class.